To new beginnings . . .

I started blogging in January 2007. When I started I had no idea what I was doing or why. Over the years I have posted close to 6500 times.

While I didn’t know what I was doing or why initially, I discovered that I enjoyed writing when I gave myself the time to do it properly. I wasn’t after profile. I wasn’t selling anything. I just liked having an outlet.

The last few years have been challenging. COVID put a chill on so much. I retired. My mother got sick and died. We are planning for a major move. Lots of upheaval.

Then my blog host started getting wonky. Pics didn’t load for days. I like lots of pics. What can I say . . . I’m visual! Typepad was never a great platform and over the years had deteriorated to the point that the company who owned it wasn’t supporting it to even accepting any new accounts.

Faced with upheaval and a dying blog I had to make a decision. Walking away was the easy option. In a sense I sort of did since I haven’t posted in three weeks. But I find I miss the writing. The expressive outlet.
And so, goodbye Typepad and dated site.
Starting fresh and we’ll see where things go from here.