60th birthday trip

I turn 60 next Sunday. Wow. 60. How did I get to this age? It’s funny how birthdays sneak up on you more when you are older than when you are young. When I turned 50 we started a new tradition of celebrating ‘big’ birthdays with a trip. This year we are continuing the tradition… Continue reading 60th birthday trip


The wave

This is the latest addition to our collection. We went to an exhibit of local artists at the Legion a few months ago and this piece caught our eye. We are careful about buying art these days since we have so much and there isn’t a lot of room for more. At first we though… Continue reading The wave

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It’s hard to believe how much smart phones have changed our world sometimes.

2024 travel plans

It is no secret that we love to travel although our trips have been fleeting over the past five years between work pressures, COVID, and then moving. We plan on fixing that this year! We are talking about a number of short trips – weekends away perhaps with an added day here and there –… Continue reading 2024 travel plans

This is dedication

I am in awe of people who can think things like this through.

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Good bye Christmas

We’ve spent the past three days packing up all of the Christmas stuff and putting the boxes and totes away in the basement. It is indeed amazing how bare the house looks when the Christmas things are gone. It will be a bit better after we do a big clean on Monday and then bring… Continue reading Good bye Christmas

Goodbye 2023

I’ve seen a lot of people posting retrospectives of 2023 this week. I guess it is the natural things to do as one year grinds to an end and a new one comes closer. Grinds seems to be an apt word for 2023. Yes, I’d like a less grindy year for 2024. I’m not normally… Continue reading Goodbye 2023