No more relaxing days off . . .

Paul was off work yesterday. Poor lad had a busy day.

The painter came at 9 to finish off the painting upstairs.

We packed up all of the art work we weren’t hanging again after the painting. We brought five boxes of things to donate up from the basement. Everything got loaded in the car and we made multiple trips around town to drop things off and.

We brought a car load of boxes and totes to the storage unit.

The painter finished up around noon.

At two we met with our real estate agent to sign the various contracts and review the listing details.

After she left Paul had a short nap and I put things back into the guest bathroom which was looking rather lush with its new coat of paint.

Our new refrigerator is coming today so yesterday we had to clean everything out. Luckily we have a second fridge downstairs that is a drink/overflow fridge. Don’t ask me why two people would need this but it is always in use. It was super gross so I decided to take everything out of that and do a deep clean.

Oh yes, Paul was also working away on eight loads of laundry.

At a certain point Paul looked at me and said ‘I think I need a drink. I guess that there are no more relaxing days off until we move, are there.’

This is why I have been doing a ‘to do’ list every week and crossing things off. There are so many balls bouncing around in the air that it is hard to keep on top of it all.

It’s a lot.

We try to build in bits of joy and happiness when we can.

We were both feeling a bit sad after signing the contracts for the real estate listing – we’re going to miss this house. So we had a toast to endings and new beginnings.