Flying cats

One of the challenges with the move west is getting our two felines there. We decided early on that driving wasn’t really an option. It would be about 4000 km and i am the only driver. I’m not a huge fan of long distance driving – my ADHD makes it a challenge. I can only sit behind the wheel for about 650 km and then i am done. This means the drive would take close to a week.

Not bad, perhaps.

Very bad when you factor in our two cats who HATE being in a moving car and voice their displeasure constantly. Now it is possible that they might give up after a day or two but frankly I don’t feel like trying that out.

Driving not being a happy option we decided to fly. Of course flying with cats isn’t an easy thing. I am sure that there will be howling and carrying on but I figure it will be over in one day and we can all move on . . .

We are in the process of testing out soft sided cat carriers that are designed for flying. They are supposed to fit under the sit in front of you allowing kitty to travel in the cabin with you.

So far both Jake and Lucca seem to be OK with the carriers.

Hopefully this comfort and familiarity continues once they get to the airport in 11 weeks!