The wave

This is the latest addition to our collection. We went to an exhibit of local artists at the Legion a few months ago and this piece caught our eye. We are careful about buying art these days since we have so much and there isn’t a lot of room for more.

At first we though ‘this is nice’ but walked on. But we kept coming back. Finally we brought it home with us.

The artist took forever to wrap it up so I had some time to chat with her about the piece. She had wanted to depict a wave crashing on the beach – Okanagan beaches are pretty pebbly. We liked the movement in it and how she used colours and different types of glass to create the movement. She used lighter colours of glass where the wave is cresting because that is where the sun would shine though. Clear glass represents the foam.

Some might look at a piece of glasswork and think ‘it’s just a bunch of coloured glass’ but there would be missing a lot. So much thought goes into a piece like this.

You can bet we’ll be looking for her work at future art shows we attend.