Cat Food

We have two cats – Jake and Lucca. They have different approaches to food. Jake is like a Great Blue Whale slicing through a bed of krill, mouth wide open, sucking in everything in his wake. Lucca is more methodical, he likes to breath between mouth fulls of food.

Jake finishes up first and shoves his way into Lucca’s dish saying ‘you’re done here.’ Well, unless I am standing there with the spray bottle and aim a jet of water between Jake’s eyes. Then he will skulk away and Lucca gets to eat.

All this at 6 AM pre-coffee.

I bought them a case of food for Christmas as a special treat. There was a behaviour change in Lucca – he inhaled his food faster than i would have thought was possible.

Faster than Jake.

While i am tempted to buy a case of this new crack for Lucca to enjoy I know that if I do this will happen.

We have experienced this quirk of cat psychology (AKA ways cats try to force you over the brink) far too many times before.