Starbucks name adventures

There is a Starbucks with a drive through window not far from our house. I usually motor through once a day for a mid-morning treat. Like so many food related businesses they are having a terrible time retaining staff. Lately they have started asking for my name when I order. This has never happened at the drive through before and for some reason it annoys me to no end.

My annoyance makes no sense at all. Such is the case with many of my petty annoyances. I doubt I am unique in that; we all have them. Nonetheless when the staff member with the headset asks for my name the rage builds in me.

The other annoyance is they don’t seem to require this all of the time. You’d think if it was that important you’d be asked everytime – nope, about 1 out of 5 visits.

Mischievous Jerry has started coming up with fake names. This is fun. Except for when I pull up to the window and the staff member with the headset starts talking to me using my fake name. Mischievous Jerry with a 58 year old short term memory has often forgotten the fake name business and looks at them as if they have two heads.

Sometimes I get taken off guard and I blurt out my real name.

Such was the case on Saturday.

This was the result.

They got one letter correct! Oh well, at least the drink was delicious.