For sale

The house hit the market on Wednesday.

We moved the cats and ourselves to a hotel Wednesday.

It seemed to be the easiest way to handle that first rush of showings and open houses. Keeping the house in ‘showing condition’ and keeping evidence of the cats out of the house was going to be too challenging.

The cats didn’t appreciate the upheaval in their lives. Oddly, Jake was the worst. He hid the first 12 hours behind a chair. Lucca on the other hand started exploring rather quickly. Odd since Jake is the tough, brave one and Lucca generally runs from his own shadow.

We had our first offer on Saturday – substantially below the asking price. We turned that down.

Now we wait . . .

I’m not finding this easy. I think it is the complete lack on control. I can’t make someone buy our house but I really, really, really want someone to buy it sow we can get on with our lives.

It has been less than a week so I guess I need to be patient. LOL