We have a house

It was a hectic time last weekend but we managed to put in an offer on a house before we had to fly back to Toronto.

Before we started this process Paul and I put together a list of things we wanted in a new house. There were things that were non-negotiable for each of us meaning we wouldn’t consider a house if it didn’t have a particular feature.

We provided this list to our agent in Kelowna and she used this list to filter houses before she sent them to us to look at. The house we ended up buying met all of our criteria. It is a newer house and the owner had upgraded all of the things she could so it has top of the line appliances, flooring, cabinets, counters and fixtures.

Neither of us wanted a house that required a lot of work before we moved in to it. This house really is move in ready.

Oh yes, the current owner owns a large cleaning company that cleans offices, schools, and government buildings in BC and Alberta. Needless to say the house is spotless!

Here are some pics: