1 year

It’s difficult to believe that it has been a year since you passed from this world.

A year since I held your hand.

The year of ‘firsts’ is over.

While I am happy that you are free from pain and not suffering, I wasn’t prepared for the way I’d miss you every day.

Not a day passes when I don’t think ‘I need to call mom and tell her about this . . .’ Heck, sometimes I even blurt it out only to be met with an odd look from Paul.

While I know you are gone and no longer at the end of a phone I guess in my twisted mind I haven’t yet accepted that. Instead you are sitting on the sofa waiting to be amused or outraged by whatever has caught my attention.

A lot has happened this year that you would have been interested in. Oh, you would have laughed . . . and raged! And I would have laughed and raged with you.

Miss you.