Thanksgiving dinner

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. As usual we are planning a FEAST!

One of the nice things about living in a new part of the world is finding new foods to try. One of the challenges of living in a new part of the world is trying to find replacements for things that would traditionally find a home on your holiday table. I guess it is a blessing and a curse.

We’re making the best of it and choosing to try new things versus recreating the old.

Here is the menu at this point:

Cheese appetizer
Mushroom soup with sherry and thyme
Roast turkey breast
Cornbread dressing with leeks, cranberries, and sausage
Cranberry sauce with orange and rosemary
Butternut squash casserole
Mashed potatoes with sage and white cheddar
Green beans with Madeira mushrooms
Rolls and butter
Pumpkin tart  

We’ve invited a friend of ours over for dinner. Clearly we’ll have WAY too much food for the three of us . . . good thing we like leftovers.