Slowly getting ready for Christmas

We don’t normally do a lot of Christmas decorating before December 1st. Christmas seems to have taken over the fall these days. It isn’t that we don’t enjoy Christmas decorations – we’re not Scrooges – rather I think it is the clutter that is off-putting.

Nonetheless, when a florist we have come to appreciate was offering wreaths we ordered one last week and picked it up on Sunday at yet another winery Christmas market. Since we decided that we had a wreath we figured we should get some greenery as well.

A lot of people in this area go out and forage their greenery to make arrangements. In fact, the Province even provides a permit for families to cut a Christmas tree on crown land. However, there was a lot of chat on neighbourhood facebook communities about a certain popular green that has a chemical which will burn your skin. Some people have blisters and inflamed skin a week later! Nope. Not happening.

We went to our neighbourhood greenhouse and got some great arrangements at a fraction of the price that they would cost back in Ontario. It makes sense given that many of the florists and greenhouses back home advertise having BC greenery. Things are a lot cheaper without those transportation costs.

We’re getting there.