Lunch at Liquidity wines

Liquidity wines in Okanagan Falls has been one of our favourite Okanagan wineries for some time. It has so much going for it – lovely location, art installations, wonderful restaurant, interesting architecture, and yes, excellent wines. We’ve been a member of their wine club for fine years.

It’s only an hours drive from home but for some reason an hour in the mountains seems much more significant. Nonetheless, last weekend we trekked down to pick up our latest wine club shipment and to have lunch.

We arrived early since I always overestimate the amount of time I need to get somewhere. No worries – we had plenty of time to wander around the estate and enjoy the art.

When we checked in we were greeted with a welcome glass of wine and quickly seated. You have to love a welcome glass of wine!

Lunch was amazing. For $65 you receive three courses, each paired with wine. History was made – I went with the non-alcoholic version (remember that hour drive through the mountains I mentioned earlier?) My courses were paired with Karma sodas which I quite enjoy. I would have enjoyed the wines more but such is the lot of the DD.

If you find that you will be in Okanagan Falls and Liquidity is open I highly suggest a stop. It’s best to reserve a tasting or if you want lunch reserve through opentable.