Goodbye 2023

I’ve seen a lot of people posting retrospectives of 2023 this week. I guess it is the natural things to do as one year grinds to an end and a new one comes closer.

Grinds seems to be an apt word for 2023.

Yes, I’d like a less grindy year for 2024.

I’m not normally a retrospective sort of guy. I’m more focused on the future and what will come a a rule.

2023 was a year of change for us. Now normally I’m a big fan of change but this year was a lot. So much change that I considered writing one of those family Christmas letters to keep everyone up to date with all of the changes. Of course I quickly questioned if I wanted to be one of ‘those’ people and shut my lap top down.

So, the change. . .

We got our house ready to list for sale, we sold our house, we travelled across the country and bought a new house, we downsized and got rid of a lot of crap, we said goodbye to our friends and family back home, our stuff was loaded on a truck and moved across the country, Paul finished work, we cleaned out our old house, we flew across the country with the cats to new adventures, took possession of the new house in the middle of a severe heat wave and realized the air conditioner was dead, picked up a new car, moved into new house, bought new furniture, started to explore a new area.

Oh yes, how could I forget the fire? About 6 weeks after we arrived we found ourselves in the midst of one of the worst fires (from a property loss perspective) in Canadian history. Scary times but we made it through to the other end.

Now normally any one of those things would be a fair bit of upheaval and change. All together has me questioning my sanity . . . just like friends and family have been doing.

I’m hoping for less change in 2024. The only big thing that I’m aware of is the approach of my 60th birthday which we’ll spend in the UK. I’m OK with that sort of change if I get to face it in London and Scotland!

Other than that the year us change free.

I hope I haven’t jinxed it.

Re personal changes? Here’s how I look at the making of resolutions.