Good bye Christmas

We’ve spent the past three days packing up all of the Christmas stuff and putting the boxes and totes away in the basement. It is indeed amazing how bare the house looks when the Christmas things are gone. It will be a bit better after we do a big clean on Monday and then bring out some of the things that were put away to make way for the festive season.

Both Paul and I commented on how tiring it was to pack everything up. Even though we spread it out over three days it was still exhausting. It seems to get more exhausting every year. I remember a younger Jerry being amazed at how long it took my mother to pack away her Christmas stuff. Now that i am getting older I am starting to get it.

That being said, I think if I find myself packing the final boxes away in March a decision will be made about putting anything out at all!

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however. We had ‘help’.

These two!

At first they weren’t too happy about the change in their daily routine (i.e. sleeping time). They soon got over that and spent time inspecting every box, rustling all of the paper, and chasing down all strings, ribbons, cords and garland. They eventually became over stimulated which means we will pay over the coming days.

Happy New Year!