2024 travel plans

It is no secret that we love to travel although our trips have been fleeting over the past five years between work pressures, COVID, and then moving. We plan on fixing that this year!

We are talking about a number of short trips – weekends away perhaps with an added day here and there – as we explore this part of the country and the NW US. Now that we live here there is so much to explore.

We have had this thing for the past few significant birthdays that we treat ourselves to a nice trip to celebrate. Guess who turns 60 this year? Me! We will be in London to celebrate the birthday followed by two weeks split between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our hotels are booked and almost all of the travel arrangements. We have booked tickets to the Buckingham Palace tour. Other than that things are pretty wide open at this point. Lots of time . . .

We were in London in the spring of 2019 – our last big trip together before COVID took hold so we are looking forward to a return. While we did a lot in 2019 there is still much more to do. I’d like to see the Tate and the Victorian and Albert. Once we know what is playing in the West End I’d like to get tickets for a show. I know where I want to have my birthday brunch (Duck and Waffle) and where I would like to go for a nice Sunday roast dinner (Hawksmoor). I guess things aren’t as up in the air as I thought. LOL

Later in the fall we have a bit of a nostalgia trip planned. In 2004 and 2014 we spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Sonoma with our family. When we realized that we sort of thought that a return in 2024 would complete the cycle. We fly into San Franscisco and after a few days in the city head north to a house we have rented outside of Santa Rosa. I see a week of hiking, eating, wine tasting and exploring in our future.