Pisstified . . .

I saw this posted on Facebook this morning and it really struck home:

I feel this on a daily basis.

There is so much going on in the world that makes me angry. Yet at the same time I am often mystified that no one cares.

Here’s an example – the ski resorts in the alps are shutting down due to a lack of snow. We should be worried about this symptom of global warming. We should be worried about the reduced river levels in the spring. The lack of ground water for crops. The increased risk for forest fires in the summer. This issue should be in every newspaper.

Instead we are given a constant stream of so-called ‘bombshells’ from Prince Harry’s memoir.

Guess what media? I don’t give a fig about Harry and his never-ending list of grievances.

You’d think all of the media outlets have become gossip rags overnight.

When the media was monetized for profit clicks, likes, viewers, and purchases became more important than the telling and analysis of important things we should be talking about as a society.