Happy International Women’s Day

Today we recognize the struggle, determination, and victories of generations of women and girls as they fight for a more equal world. Today we stand together. Now we need to work on the other 364 days . . . When women lead amazing things happen. Happy International Women’s Day.


We all have petty annoyances in life. Right? Well, perhaps you don’t. I SURE do. Emphasis being on the word ‘petty’. I hate, hate, hate it when the drive through person at Starbucks asks for my name to put on the cup. It happens so rarely that they must not really need it. But when… Continue reading Bred

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Pisstified . . .

I saw this posted on Facebook this morning and it really struck home: I feel this on a daily basis. There is so much going on in the world that makes me angry. Yet at the same time I am often mystified that no one cares. Here’s an example – the ski resorts in the… Continue reading Pisstified . . .

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A Facebook friend posted yesterday that she was shocked by the number of people saying 2022 was a bad year. She then listed a few reasons why 2022 was a great year in her opinion. I have to say that I think she was wrong. Now I’m going to set aside the death of my… Continue reading 2022