Fall colours in BC

Back in Ontario fall meant an explosion of red, orange and yellow. I was curious about fall in BC since most of the mountains are covered with coniferous trees. In the Okanagan fall hits differently.

Certainly trees that have been planted through development do have a burst of colour like we’d see back in Ontario but that pales in comparison to the vast forests of Ontario. The majority of the orange here comes from pumpkins which are everywhere.

Fall appears to predominantly be a yellow situation here. . . and subtle. For example, the mountainside we can see from the back of the house is generally a mix of green and brown. A week or so ago large patches of yellow appeared – particularly in areas that had been burned during the big fire 20 years ago.

It’s even more subtle in the forest we can see from the front of the house. Much of this mountainside hasn’t burned (thank you firefighters for your efforts this summer) so the forest is natural. Here you see a wall of green and interspersed is a small splash of colour where there must be a non coniferous tree.

It’s been fascinating to watch this change.