Be prepared to be moved

This is a long weekend here in Ontario – the Family Day weekend. It makes for a nice mid-winter break for families to take it easy and enjoy time together. There is no taking it easy for Paul and I – the painter starts tomorrow. We are painting the three bedrooms that we have never… Continue reading Be prepared to be moved

Busy, busy, busy

After meeting with Jennifer last week I set upon working on my long list of pre-listing tasks. A new dishwasher and refrigerator will be arriving in early February and installed. I ordered online using Jennfier’s corporate discount and saved about $800. Oddly, even though we won’t be using these appliances for very long at all,… Continue reading Busy, busy, busy

It’s Getting Real

We met with the realtor who will be listing our house yesterday. We are using the same agent who sold mom’s house. She did an amazing job and we were very comfortable with her so it was an easy decision. Jennifer walked us through the process which was good for Paul to hear. It was… Continue reading It’s Getting Real

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Happy New Year

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions. Not because I am perfection personified with nothing to improve. Good Lord, not that! In fact, there is a lengthy list of improvements required. Were I a car the check engine light would be on and all sorts of warning lights would be flashing. Rather, I am… Continue reading Happy New Year