Pisstified . . .

I saw this posted on Facebook this morning and it really struck home: I feel this on a daily basis. There is so much going on in the world that makes me angry. Yet at the same time I am often mystified that no one cares. Here’s an example – the ski resorts in the… Continue reading Pisstified . . .

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Chicken Barley

Back in the fall a friend of mine on Facebook posted this recipe and comment on how good it was. Amy is the type of person who enjoys good food so if she says something is worthy you make note of it. In fairness, I was also intrigued because of the barley. I know, I’m… Continue reading Chicken Barley

Happy New Year

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions. Not because I am perfection personified with nothing to improve. Good Lord, not that! In fact, there is a lengthy list of improvements required. Were I a car the check engine light would be on and all sorts of warning lights would be flashing. Rather, I am… Continue reading Happy New Year


A Facebook friend posted yesterday that she was shocked by the number of people saying 2022 was a bad year. She then listed a few reasons why 2022 was a great year in her opinion. I have to say that I think she was wrong. Now I’m going to set aside the death of my… Continue reading 2022

Pimento Cheese

I am a bit late to this particular party. Pimento cheese was all the rage in the 70s but I just got around to it last week. They say better late than never and that was the case with this. Quick and easy Pimento cheese is sure to impress. It’s a forgiving recipe and also… Continue reading Pimento Cheese

Winter Wandering

It was a sluggish Christmas. Quiet, low key, lots of eating and drinking and little activity. By Boxing Day we were both feeling the need to get out of the house. We ended up at Coronation Park in Oakville. There was a nice trail along the shore of the lake. It was cold but so… Continue reading Winter Wandering

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November . . .

This is a pretty accurate depiction of our conversations every day this week. 🙂