For sale

The house hit the market on Wednesday. We moved the cats and ourselves to a hotel Wednesday. It seemed to be the easiest way to handle that first rush of showings and open houses. Keeping the house in ‘showing condition’ and keeping evidence of the cats out of the house was going to be too… Continue reading For sale

Happy International Women’s Day

Today we recognize the struggle, determination, and victories of generations of women and girls as they fight for a more equal world. Today we stand together. Now we need to work on the other 364 days . . . When women lead amazing things happen. Happy International Women’s Day.

Be prepared to be moved

This is a long weekend here in Ontario – the Family Day weekend. It makes for a nice mid-winter break for families to take it easy and enjoy time together. There is no taking it easy for Paul and I – the painter starts tomorrow. We are painting the three bedrooms that we have never… Continue reading Be prepared to be moved


There are days that this is such an appropriate metaphor for adulting. Life seems like this – minutes of physical exertion to climb and seconds of unabashed fun. Repeat.

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My grandfather’s stories

My mother’s father, my grandpa Turney, was one of those people best described as a character. He led a long and colourful life, dying just after his 100th birthday. Born in England in the late 1880s, his family emigrated to Canada. Before he left England he was almost killed by Queen Victoria’s carriage when he… Continue reading My grandfather’s stories

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Who are you calling stubborn?

This pic makes the rounds of social media every now and then. It NEVER fails to make me laugh. As a male, I can say that this is a true depiction of ‘maleness’. I’m not proud of this. We can’t fight it though.

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Busy, busy, busy

After meeting with Jennifer last week I set upon working on my long list of pre-listing tasks. A new dishwasher and refrigerator will be arriving in early February and installed. I ordered online using Jennfier’s corporate discount and saved about $800. Oddly, even though we won’t be using these appliances for very long at all,… Continue reading Busy, busy, busy


We all have petty annoyances in life. Right? Well, perhaps you don’t. I SURE do. Emphasis being on the word ‘petty’. I hate, hate, hate it when the drive through person at Starbucks asks for my name to put on the cup. It happens so rarely that they must not really need it. But when… Continue reading Bred

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